Clear Packing Tape
Clear Packing Tape
February 7, 2016
Spill Pads
Disposable Spill Pads
February 9, 2016

200 Disposable Spill Pads

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200 Disposable Absorbent Hygienic pads,

hassle free  hygienic disposables mats, that gives you, a clean and hygienic use each time. Mats are placed on floors or on any surface for all absorbent purposes, eliminating bacterial and infection that builds in your everyday mats or surfaces .

With the new disposable mats you’re sure that every use is a clean , safe and hygienic one

  • Fluids absorption of all liquid, chemical, oil, .
  • Colour ,White
  • reusable
  • Available in boxes/ pallets
SKU: 200

Each box contains 200 Disposable hygienic Absorbent pads with a strong hold to

  • Fluids absorption, chemical, oil, liquid.
  • Color ,White
  • Absorbs 1/2 litre per pad
  • Available in boxes/ pallets
  • Available in packs of 200
  • Price : 0.30 cent per pads
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