Spill Pads
September 12, 2015
200 Disposable Spill Pads
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September 12, 2015


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D3 Suppliers is an Irish Owned company Supplying Disposable Hygienic Products .

We are proud to launch our Absorbent Hygienic Spill Mats which are used on the floors to absorb liquid, Oil Spills , or any general spills.

They can also be used as incontinence sheets.

All  Mats has gone through sterilization by use of ethylene oxide and radiation eliminating bacteria, all mats are 100% recyclable and bio degradable .

The Disposable Pads have a high absorbent rate due to its durability and absorption , with health and safety in mind  sterilization by use of ethylene oxide and radiation is processed on each individual Pads eliminating any form of Bacteria from contact.

Each mat comes individually packaged to ensure that the mat itself is sterile and hygienic and comes in batches of 200 pieces.

Dimensions: 330mm x 400mm x 4mm.


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